This is a call to all Artists, we are starting our new theme Mashup. If your interested you can email us at You need to submit a bio with your piece for people know who you are and can follow what your working on now. The money we raise gets donated to Relay for Life – to fight against cancer. Pieces need to be “family friendly” (no blood/gore and no nudity). Deadline is beginning of next year. If we get them sooner that is great. If you have any questions feel free to email us. You can also follow us on our facekbook page where you will see more updates of our Artist bios and their pieces. Plus events where we will be at logo


Motor City Comic Con

This weekend we will be setup at Motor City Comic Con in Novi, MI. The Schedule is 12:30-7pm Friday, 10:30am-7pm Saturday, and 10:30am-5pm Sunday. We have some great new pieces by new artist and returning artist for a third year doing this. Plus with the Relay coming up next weekend, we are getting really to start our new theme for 2016-2017 Mashup.

Just some of our new artist Jay Bradshaw, Bryan Revell, Jake Goodman, Myrrhkuri. We will be updating more soon.