Classic Movie Monster #1 – Phantom of the Opera by Roger Scholz

This piece was donated by Roger Scholz (Wicked Illustration). He is an illustrator
out of Grand Rapids, Michigan. He draws what he loves and that happens to be
monsters, ghouls and all around creepy stuff (oh and hot rods & pin-up too).
With a diverse style and approach Roger is the multiple personality of the horror art world.
**some of his art may not be for younger viewers**

phantom - full size


Drawing for a Cure is where local artist have donated their artwork to help raise money to fight against cancer.

My family Briscoe Family Ties walks in the Relay for Life – Garden City chapter. We wanted to try something a little different to help raise money. So my friend and myself came up with Drawing for a Cure where local artist donated artwork, then people would get a chance to own original artwork, make donates to get prints plus get the artist information out there for people could find out more about them.

We are always looking for new artist. You can contact us here or

We have done 3 themes so far, Classic Movie Monsters, Comicbook Heroes and Villains, and the Newest Sci-Fi movies/tv shows.